Anatomical Aspects Of The Formation And Growth Of Roots In Stem Cuttlngs OF Some Species Of Hibiscus. I. Stem Anatomy And Its Relation To The Formation And Growth Of Roots

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The anatomy of the young stem was studied in twenty-seven species of Hibi~cus. There were marked variations in the distribution of the primary phloem fibres and collenchyma, and the cell walls of these tissues differed in thickness, as did the radial width of the cambial zone. Eight species, differing in structure of the primary phloem fibre ring, were studied with respect to the formation and growth of roots through this ring and through the collenchyma and cambial zone. Although in some cases the supposed mechanical impedance to root growth through these tissues and the narrow cambial zone were associated with a small number and slow emergence of roots formed, the relationship was not general.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 14, p. 58-59