KARI National Agricultural Research Laboratories Annual Report 1990

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
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Ministry of Agriculture
This is the fourth Annual Report of the National Agricultural Research Laboratories (NARL) which includes in one volume contributions from the Various Sections. The report covers the fiscal year 1990. As mentioned in the previous Annual Reports the Centre is assigned the national responsibility for organization and provision of specialist research and services in the areas of soil resources and soil survey, agricultural chemistry, crop protection (entomology, plant pathology, pesticide chemistry and application, and weed science) and post-harvest systems. NARL is also currently responsible for the Irrigation and Drainage Research Programme. This report gives an account of the research projects which were implemented during the year and services which were rendered. Part I of the report gives a summary of research activities and other services plus a short account of administrative matters affecting the Centre. Part II of the report gives the technical work accomplished by the various Sections. As evidenced by the size and contents of the report considerable progress was made in implementation of research projects.