Carcass Development of Live Stock in Tanganyika Territory (A Review of Five Papers by Dr M. H. French)

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French, M. H.
Lowe, H. J.
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Papers I, IV and V deal with cattle and may be taken together. In comparison with English cattle the Tanganyika zebu comes out of this examination rather badly. Dr. French states that "The average zebu ox is less than half the weight of the average British steer. The internal and external deposits of fat are much greater in the European breeds; the fat of the zebu is most often yellowish in colour,the meat is often dark as a result of long walks in search of grazing, and altogether the carcass is unsuited for British markets. The author suggests that these Tanganyika zebu cattle are more fitted for a canning and extracting industry, or for conversion into fertilizers or animal feeding stuffs. They might also be useful for the preparation of biological medicaments.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 5 (No 5), p. 96-98