Production and Use of Concentrates in the Smallholder Dairy Sub-Sector in Kenya

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Ministry of Agriculture
The objective of this study was to detennine the production and use of concentrates in smallholder dairy cattle sub-sector in Kenya. Concentrates are foodstuffs rich in one or more nutrients and are used to supplement the basal feed on offer to meet specified requirements. The increase in milk production due to supplementation with concentrates will depend on the quality of the basal diet on offer. Some of the common basal feeds used in smallholder dairy farms in Kenya are pasture grasses, crop residues, weeds, green maize chop and napier grass. In areas where holdings are large, pasture forms an important feed resource. As the only feed, good quality pasture will support production of 8 kg of milk per cow per day. It has been estimated that dairy cattle grazing such forage will produce one and a half kilograms of milk for every one kilogram of concentrates offered