The Response of Pinus Species to Inorganic Fertilizers in Uganda

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Karani, P. K.
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Inclusion of inorganic fertilizers in the nursery soil mixture for transplants of tree seedlings has been a standard practice for a long time in East African nurseries. The fertilizers used are ammonium sulphate, double superphosphate and potassium chloride, (NPK) in the ratio of 3: 3: 1, at the rate of 30 g per 20 litres of soil. The dosage was developed at Muguga (May, 1954). Nearly all East African nurseries use this dosage as an insurance against deficiency of soil nutrients since soil analysis is never carried out for all soil mixtures collected and used annually. Growth rates of pine plantations have for the majority of sites shown that Ugandan soils are sufficiently fertile to produce good crops and it is considered unnecessary to incur the additional cost of fertilizers.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 42 (1), p. 28-38