A Preliminary Evaluation of the Soils of North Western Machakos District No.16 1974 HM

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Mbuvi J.P
Braun H.M.H
Weg R.F
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Ministry of Agriculture
At the request of the Medical Research Centre, Nairobi, a site evaluation was carried out in the N. W. part of' Machakos District. . At present the M.R.C. is carrying out a longitudinal study and morbidity and mortality of' a number of' childhood diseases in this area. The study aims at the collection of demographic and medical data among two population groups of' 5,000 each in different ecological settings, (Vogel et 0.1, 1974). There is no proper soil data for this area, though it is covered by the land System Atlas of' Western Kenya", scale 1:1.000.000 which is based on photo interpretation with a minimum of' field observations. The D.O.S. report on the soils of' Nairobi-Thika-Yatta Machakos area (Scott, 1963) also covers this part (scale 1:100.000). This-is also mainly a photo interpretation map wit~ few field observations. These two documents are on a reconnaissance scale, and do not give sufficient data for the urea under consideration.