Colour Vision in the Triungulin Larva of a Strepsipteron (Corioxenos Antestiae Blair)

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Kirkpatrick W.T
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Corioxenos antestiae is a species of Strepsiptera that has recently been described by Blair (1936). In the coffee plantations on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro, Tanganyika Territory, it is a common parasite of Antestia lineaticollis Stal (PENTATOMIDAE), one of the most serious pests of Arabica coffee in East Africa. Since first finding this parasite early in 1935 I have been engaged on a study of its life-history, of which I hope shortly to publish a full account. Both the host and the parasite are extremely easy to breed in captivity; it has therefore been possible to obtain far more information about the bionomics of this species of Strepsiptera than has previously been obtained about any other member of this most interesting Order. The following notes on colour vision are concerned with one of the several remarkable phenomena that have come to light during the course of my investigations.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, p. 40-44