Subsidiary Silvicultural Operations In Tanganyika

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Champion,F. W.
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It has long been the custom in well-managed forests of tropical countries for the main timber felling to be followed by subsidiary operations designed to renovate the forests and ,bring ‘them to as good a silvicultural condition as is consistent with reasonable expense. Such subsidiary silvicultural operations, carried out in India over a long period, undoubtedly did a very great deal to build up the magnificent forest estate, full of good straight trees of all ages, which was handed over by the British Government in 1947 to the Governments of India and Pakistan. The object of subsidiary silvicultural operations in natural forest is to improve the growing stock of all ages. Many of the operations included in the term require a considerable knowledge of the silviculture of the trees concerned. We do not yet possess this knowledge in East Africa where the control of forest cutting has so far been inadequate;'owing largely to paucity of staff and shortage of funds.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 17, p. 19-23