East African Industrial Research Organization Annual Report For the Period

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East African Common Services
The outstanding event of the year under review was the advent of the East African Common Services Organization which superseded the East Africa High Commission on 9th December, 1961. This involved widespread changes in the administration of the services under the control of the new Organization as befitting the new status of the territorial governments. The immediate effect is that responsibility for Industrial Research passes from the Colonial Administrations to the potentially independent African Governments under the auspices of a Ministerial Committee consisting of Ministers from each of the three Territories. This change in the employing authority has natura1lly radically affected the situation of the staff, bringing serious implications as to their future. but as is mentioned below. during the year there was a net loss of only one research officer. Thus, although administrative reorganization at a higher level has been involved, the function of this Organization itself remains unaltered and the research and advisory services will continue to be provided as in the past, within the limitations of staff availability.