NRI- Virology Specialist Input Into KARI-ODA Crop Protection project 1994

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Kenya Agricultutre Research Project
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Kenya Agricultutre Research Project
A visit was made to provide virology inputs to the KARI/ODA Crop Protection Project from 16 January to 4 February. Equipment and facilities have been examined and improvements recommended; a range of antisera and training in Blot-ELISA has been given. The progress of the PhD studies of Mr BO Odhiambo has been monitored and plans for his fmal year developed. Mr Odhiambo gave a seminar during the course of the visit. A project on kale viruses has been developed with staff at NARL. Training has been given in symptomatology, epidemiology and serological identification of viruses in Kale; turnip mosaic virus and cauliflower mosaic virus have been identified in samples. Links with UK scientists at Horticultural Research International have been arranged. A virus problem has also been identified in an Alstroemeria crop and this highlighted the need for a specialist crop protection group with a strong virology component targeting horticultural, often high value export crops. Discussions have been held developing work on cassava and sweet potato viruses. A presentation was made to a Seminar on Crop Protection on "Priorities in Plant Virology: a National and Regional View".