Kenya Agricultural Research Institute Perkerra Centre Research Highlights

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The year 2007 was satisfactory as far as rainfall and subsequent agricultural production is concerned. The long rains came began early in January 2007 as extension of 2006 short rains which began late in October 2006. The favourable weather conditions during the year enabled successful establishment and harvesting of crops under on-farm testing in the various sites of the mandate districts. The favourable weather conditions in the region also meant there were no serious feed shortages for livestock. The second quarter also saw the growth of the mandate districts to twelve districts through the creation of new districts from Baringo, Samburu, and Laikipia districts. This will surely present a greater challenge to the implementation of 2008 activities because there will be increased demand for services on the centre from the new districts. During the year the centre implemented 24 research projects financed by the Government of Kenya (GOK) and the World Bank through the IDA credit. Most of these research projects or activities were on-farm except those under the KARl seed unit and ARIS.