Participatory diagnosis and characterisation of Sarika and Elukuyi villages in western Kenya

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Ministry Of Agriculture
This report attempts to Summarise the first hand experiences gained during the field attachment which commenced on 2nd of February 1998 upto 27th of March 1998. It was an extension of the university teaching which provided an opportunity of practising what has been taught at the University in this case under field conditions. The area of attachment in this case was Maseno National Agroforestry Research Centre in Western Kenya. The report includes in summary the routine office work gone through, the field work, the organisation and operation of extension services of Maseno Agroforestry Research administration and office procedures, project identification and implementation procedures, financial flows – sources allocation for supporting extension activities, budgetary procedures, duties/responsibilities of various personnel of the centre, state of agricultural production in the area, support services and generally the background - information of the area of attachment is included as well as the main difficulties encouraged during the perioa in an attempt to carry out the field attachment exercise. A solution to the problems from a personal perspective is also included