A Comparison of Direct Seeding and under sowing on the Establishment of Grass and the Effect on the Cover Crop

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Poultney R. G.
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The establishment of grass leys by under sowing in cereal crops and with various short-term cover crops was investigated in experiments carried out over three years and in different ecological zones in the mixed farming areas of Kenya. It was found that where the rate of growth of the cover crop was rapid, such as at the low altitudes-3,000 ft. to 4,000 ft. above sea level -grass establishment was very poor when under sowing was practiced. On soils of low fertility without the use of adequate fertilizers in the higher areas, establishment of the grass similarly failed when under sown in a cereal crop. However, providing rainfall and soil fertility were not limiting factors, satisfactory grass establishment could be achieved by undersowing in cereal crops and with short-term cover crops. It would appear from the results of the experiments carried out on the Grassland Research Station, that clover establishment under a cereal crop is uncertain.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXIX (No. 1), p. 26-30