Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletins November 1956

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Many varieties of coffee have been introduced during the past sixty years,but few have proved more valuable than the selected strains from within the original introductions, namely the Bourbon and French Mission types.Strains isolated from the latter have usually been more adaptable to local climate than most of the varieties which arrived later.There are some notable exceptions: Kents,Blue Mountain and Tanganyika Drought Resistant particularly; undoubtedly field trials will reveal that some of the more recent acquisitions possess features not encountered in their predecessors,which may thereby render them especially suitable for extreme conditions.For a country of such diverse ecological conditions a large number of trials is required to secure the main purpose,which is to provide knowledge of these various conditions and to discover varieties which are most suited to each area.A comprehensive programme of variety trials was initiated in 1950 to evaluate the performance of most of the varieties land selections listed here.But the long-term,nature of variety trials with a perennial crop prohibits the use of the available yield data of a few years as a reliable index of performance.
Bulletin, pp. 297-324