Green Manuring and Composts in Plantation Crops

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Jones, K. B. W.
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There is no doubt that composts are very valuable manures and in the case of cereal or mixed farming the conversion of the enormous quantities of waste matter produced in the form of straw into a valuable manure is exceedingly good farming practice. It is also now realized that in such farming green manuring is apt to be chancy. When we come to plantation crops that occupy the land continuously the picture is rather different. Green manures do benefit the crop and only when improperly used is there any deleterious effect-the term green manure is used in its widest meaning to include weed growth, pruning and leaf fall from shade trees. Among the improper usages of green manure must be included permitting grass to become dominant. The ardent protagonist of composting insists that all such materials must be composted till a carbon nitrogen ratio approximating 10: 1 is approached. Some in Kenya do carefully collect all Weeds, prunings, etc., and compost them with the normal wastes of a coffee plantation. Is this good farming and economical?
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, III (No 6), pp. 457-458