Comparative Evaluation of the Flavour Qualities of Ruiru 11 and SL 28 Cultivars of Kenya Arabica Coffee

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The flavour of Ruiru 11, a new cultivar of C arabica resistant to Coffee Berry Disease (CBD) and Leaf rust, developed at the Coffee Research Station, Ruiru, Kenya, was assessed in comparison with a traditional arabica cultivar, SL28 and with robusta coffee (C canepho ra). Blind sensory analysis was used for evaluation by twelve trained assessors of the International Coffee Organisation (lCO), London. Twenty one flavour attributes defined in the consumer vocabulary of the ICO were ev uated in replicates by each panellist independently. Intensities of the attributes were expressed in quantitative scores. There were no significant differences (P = 0.05) between Ruiru 11 and SL28 in any of the attributes assessed. The two arabica varieties differed significantly (P = 0.01) from the robusta coffee in acidity, citrus, woody, burnt and rubbery flavour attributes. The results indicate that the new cultivar, Ruiru 11, is similar in quality to the Kenya's world reknown fine quality Co ffea arabica cultivar SL28.
Bulletin, 55 (643), pp. 833-852