Clean Cultivation and the Establishment of Pinus Kesiya in Zambia

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Endean, F.
Jonest, B. E .
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Intensive species testing since the late 1930's by the Forest Department in Zambia has shown Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon (Syn. P. insularis Endlicher; P. khasya Royle) to be a very suitable plantation species for the dry plateau area of Central Africa, Cooling [1], Cooling and Endean [5], Jones [8]. Large industrial plantations have been created in the Western Province of Zambia near the main sources of consumption, the area planted in 1969 was 3,000 acres. The predominant type of vegetation in the Western Province of Zambia is Northern Plateau type "Miombo", Trapnell, Martin and Allen [16] comprising mainly Brachystegia and Isoberlinia species, the mean annual rainfall is 48-50 inches all of which falls in the period November-May, the marked dry season has an average of 263 dry days per annum, mean annual temperature is 60°F.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 38, p. 120-129