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Ministry of Agriculture
The original proj£cct addressej the problem of developIng a new agricultural inst.itution, the Kenya Agricultural Research Ir,stitute (Y_~,}.l), th~t could manage agricultural research progra~s, facilitIes and personnel and prod..:ce technology for the s17lall fan,er. In Jur,e of 1967 USAID and the Gor: signed a seven year, 515.25 million gra~t project as Phase I of a potentially larger program to s~~pcrt the overall Nation~l Agricultural Research project (Nl,..F;.P). 'I\.;o evaluations of the project, one in 1989 and t.r.e ott-.f·r in 1990, found that KJ..RI was a young institution a;;d rr.Llch stIll n~0ded to be done before it could fulfill its mission. They also found out KARl had strong top leadership, a Board of Directors headed by a strong supporter of research and a model apf-,roach to strengthening research management. Too little ti~e had passed for the NAEP to have addressed all the major constraints outlined in the project paper. The evaluations called for continued and sustained support, especially froffi donors. The evaluations found in general that the full instituticnalization of a stronger research system was just getting under ~ay.