Ministry of Agriculture- National Agricultural Research Laboratories-Kenya Soil Survey Annual Report 1979

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Ministry of Agriculture
KSS continued to carry out the inventory of the soil resources required for multipurpose land use planning. During the year, 400,000 hectares were surveyed in Busia area and Bura East area at reconnaissance level. At detailed survey level, 965 hectares were covered in A:OO/rtoA Farm (Garissa District), Oda Irrigation Scheme (Tana River District), Ngao Irrigation Scheme (Tana River District), Tikando Irrigation Scheme (Kajiado District) and ICIPE, Mbita Point field station. Site evaluation surveys covering a total of 40,018 hectares were completed in the area near Nandi Hills, Langata (Nairobi), Mua Hills area (Machakos District) and Thika. Horticulture. Research Station. The second draft of the exploratory soil map of the ''1hole country (scale 1: 500, 000) was completed. The second draft legend of this map was also compiled. A draft soil map of Kenya. (scale 1:3,000,000) it was compiled for the new edition of the National Atlas of Kenya. Five soil survey reports, four miscellaneous soil papers and six internal communications and conference papers were published.