Voluntary Intake of Dry Matter by African Zebu Cattle. Quality of Feed and the Reference Base I, 2, 3,

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Karue, C. N.
Evans,J. L.
Tillman, A. D.
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Voluntary dry matter intake (DMI) has been related to body weight and reported reference bases for cattle were as low as kgO.5' and kgO.60 (Colburn and Evans, 1968; Colburn, Evans and Ramage, 1968) and as high as kg1.0 (Conrad, Pratt and Hibbs, 1964). A symposium on energy metabolism reported that the reference bases of kg1.0 to less than kg0.6 were in use for intra-specific comparisons of energy and protein metabolism in cattle and in pigs (Blaxter, 1965). As early as 1945, Brody had recommended that the reference base should be determined from animals on the experiment. The danger of this approach is apparent when few animals are available and few observations are being made. In Zebu cattle, DMI and nutrient requirements have been related to reference bases of body weight of kg0.73 (A.R.C., 1965), kg 0. 75 (N.R.C., 1970) and kg1.0 (Conrad et al., 1964). The objectives of this study were to determine (a) the DMI from poor quality hay supplemented with restricted quantities of concentrate and (b) the effect of concentrate supplement on the relationship between DMI and body weight in growing Boran steers
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 36 (6), p. 1181-1185