Quantification of Excreta Voided By Various Chickens

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Muinga, B.W
Kayongo, S.B
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Poultry waste is reported to be an excellent source of protein for ruminants (Shah and Muller, 1982 and Kayongo and Irungu, 1986).The quality and hence potential of poultry waste As a feed resource depends on, among other factors, age of birds, and type of housing, duration of Storage, and bedding material (Bachattarya and Taylor, 1975 and Kayongo and Muinga, 1985). It has been reported that deep litter waste from layers and from broilers contained 17.8 and 19.6Per cent crude protein respectively (Kayongo and Muinga, 1985). In the same study, crude protein Content of waste from pullets and cockerels on deep litter was 17.3 and 14.6 per cent respectively. Tier brooder chicks' waste had 21.0 per cent crude protein. Waste from layers on slatted floor and cages had 20.4 and 22.3 per cent crude protein respectively. A later study, (Kayongo And Irungu, 1986) showed that broiler waste could substitute all the cotton seed cake as a Protein source in a concentrate for lactating heifers.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 53 (No 1,2), p. 71-73