The Planning Of Flights and the Handling of Time-Serial Data

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Watson R. M
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In the second section of this meeting the numbers of animals were the focus of our attention, and in this section Lamprey has shown that observations are possible of fires, vegetation types, water sources, animal distributions, etc. Clearly the conscientious warden pilot flying over a national park or game reserve wishes to add to existing knowledge of the ecosystem, thereby increasing the chances of successfully protecting and adapting the system in a rapidly changin1g world. This feeling has been the basis of what can be termed the "warden's flying movement", which can be fairly considered to have been started by Zaphiro in Kenya and Turner in the Serengeti.At this moment, there are at least 12aircraft attached to national parks and game departments in East Africa, not counting the purely communication-orientated machines of the various headquarters. This represents a sum of more than K£50,000 of invested capital; the fact that most aircraft are free gifts does not detract from the argument. The maintenance of this fleet, if on allows depreciation at 25per cent and costs warden-hours at Sh. 20, will be of the order of K£35,000 annually.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXIV (SPECIAL), p. 70-78