Ministry of Agriculture- National Agricultural Research Laboratories-Kenya Soil Survey No m2 1977

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Ministry of Agriculture
The purpose of this paper is to give a factual description of the soils and environmental conditions at the main agricultural research stations. Their sub-stations and other experimental sites .Not all site D could be investigated. Some experimental plots had to be omitted. However, persons interested in these stations could contact the Kenya Soil Survey, for the information that may be avai13ble. The locations of all stations are indicated on Fig.l. To allow for a logical sequence, the stations are dealt with from the west to the East with a few minor exceptions, this also permits a broad grouping of the stations according to their ecological zones. Explanation of the climatic factors used for the characterization of the environment as well as the composition of some of the main rock types is given. Emphasis is put on the main conditions as occurring on the stations, but detailed information is available in the references mentioned, also the extent to which the station is representative for the surrounding country-side is assessed. Extensive old and new data has been incorporated in this report, which therefore can be regarded as a most comprehensive bibliography of the stations. The authors are indebted to their colleagues at the Kenya Soil Survey for valuable comments on the draft version, especially to Messer Nyandat , Van De Weg and Braun. Also useful information supplied by some station directors is gratefully acknowledged. MUCi.1 appreciation is also due to Nr .G. Hinga, senior soil chemist of the National Agricultural Laboratories.