Frequency of a Trypsin Inhibitor Variant in Seed Protein of Four Soybean Populations

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Hymowitz, T.
Mies, D.W.
Klebek, C.J.
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A group of 274 genotypes of soybean-Glycine max (L.) Merrill-representing four diverse populations (East African, Himalayan, Japanese, and Genetic Type Collection) were studied by acrylamide disc electrophoresis. Data are presented demonstrating that the Rf 0.92 electrophoretic band which represents a trypsin inhibitor variant was found in high frequency in Japanese plant introductions of Maturity Groups I and II. All of the East African soybeans had the Rf 0.95 electrophoretic band, and only one accession from Nepal had the Rf 0.92 electrophoretic band. Four of the five trypsin inhibitor variants (T136, Tl41, T216 and T245) found in the type collection were derived from Japanese germ plasm. There were no significant differences between the Japanese germ plasm containing the Rf 0.92 and those containing the Rf 0.95 electrophoretic bands for total seed oil and protein content. J1apanese soybeans with the Rf 0.95 electrophoretic band averaged higher in yield but lower in seed weight than those with the Rf 0.92 electrophoretic band.
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, 37 (1), pp. 73-77