Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletins February 1965

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Before we start proceedings of this Conference, I know that you would wish me to refer to the great loss which has been sustained on the death of Mr. Simeon Kamunde. He always took a keen interest in this work since his appointment and election to the Coffee Marketing Board in 1959. He took great interest in matters to do with marketing and other affairs and, with Mr. Wollen, had gone all over the world in order to attend various conferences. During that time he had got to know representatives of other countries, and think am safe in saying he h3ld made a mark for Kenya in world coffee affairs. He was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Marketing Board last year and, at the same time, was appointed by that Board as their representative on the Coffee Board. His loss is a great one to the industry and I would ask you to stand for a moment in tribute to his memory.
Bulletin, pp. 41-100