Assessment of the Main Components of the Hydrological Cycle

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Pereira H. C.
McCulloch J.S.G
Hosegood P. H.
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The British Meteorological Office requires that a standard rain gauge be mounted vertically 1 ft above a short grass surface. In studies of catchment areas in British East Africa, assessment of rainfall over valleys of differing natural cover is essential with, at the same time, the minimum possible disturbance of the vegetation. Techniques of rainfall measurement giving results comparable with gauges set up in the approved manner have had to be developed for areas of intensive peasant cultivation, for young forest plantations, for regenerating scrubland, for bamboo forest and for tall montane rain forest. The measure of primary importance is that of the total amount of rain falling on the catchment and this is best measured at the level of the canopy, thus avoiding the problems of separate measurement of interception by the canopy, of stem flow and of drip.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXVII (Specials Issue), p. 8-15