KARI-NARL- Soils and Agricultural Chemistry Section Annual Report 1996

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The farmer’s advisory services laboratories at NARL almost entirely confined its activities to supporting Research work during 1996. Relatively very few farmers brought samples for analysis as opposed to the previous year. There were about 63 farmers and 39 researchers who brought their samples during the year. The establishment continued to offer free services to Research Officers and other K.A.R.I Institutions. However, the implementation of new charges together with technical as well as administrative problems resulted in a significant reduction of the number of samples e.g. from 7150 in 1995 to approximately 5000 in 1996 representing 30.1 % decline (Ngugi, 1996). During the same time, the constitution of the type of clients or farmers also changed to a situation where about 90% were from the commercial sector. This was because of the tremendous increase in horticultural farming activities in the country mainly floriculture, which is one of the fastest growing enterprises.