Nutrient Composition of Coconut Leaves and Its Relationship to Nut Yields in Tanzania

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Thomas, K. M.
Nandra, S. S.
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A study was carried out to assess the foliar nutrient composition of high and low-yielding coconut palms of the Typical variety from two localities in Tanzania to examine its possible relationship to yield and to see whether it would help for any fertilizer recommendations. The results, within the limits of the study indicated that the yield was related to NIP, N IK and CalMg ratios, but the level of K had to be interpreted in terms of a balance between K and Ca. When the individual nutrients were considered the levels of N and Ca alone had a positive relation with the yield. The study further revealed that the nutrient composition of the leaves reflected to some extent the nutrient status of the soil. So application of fertilizers having N and Ca might possibly correct the nutrient ratios and thereby improve the productivity of low-yielding coconut palms in Tanzania.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 39, p. 170-175