Journal Brief Resinosis of Vitex Keniensis Turril (Meru Oak) in Mt. Kenya Forest Area

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Arap-Sang, F.K.
Munga, F.M.
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A survey conducted in West Mt. Kenya forest in order to investigate the extent and causal organism of resinosis of Vitex kniensis Turril is described. It was found that renosis was i associated with Armillaria mel/ea Vahl Triqhoderma sp. It: was concluded that A. mellea was the primary cause of the phenome1li01l and was assisted by Trichoderma sp., in accelerating the easy which was manifested by resinosis. It is conduced that the loss of V. keniensis due to A. mellea was not a threat to the establishment of, the Species and could be economically eradicated during the first thinning by uprooting the trees showing resinosis in view of the very low percentage of the resinosis trees. Game damage was reckoned to be more threatening ,than resinosis ,and it was recommended that more emphasis shou1d be placed on game control.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 43 (4), p. 411-414