Responses Of Common Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) Cultivars To Beanflies (Diptera: Agromyzidae)

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John H.N
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University Of Dar-E.S- Salaam
Common beans (Phaseolus vulgarls L) are pulse legumes adapted to humld and seml-humld reglons of the world. They have a wlde geographlcal dlstrlbution, growlng ln many parts of the troplcs and temperate reglons (Slnha, 1977). The estlmated world hectarage in 1975 was 20.4 million ( Anon, 1975). The major world producers of common beans are south and Central Amerlca. Africa produces about 1.35 mlllion tons annually (Londono et al, 1980). ThlS lS equivalent to 37% of Latln Amerlcan productlon. East Africa produces 61% of the total bean production ln Africa. The flve East Afrlcan countrles:- Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundl and Tanzanla have equal production of common beans. The comblned productlon lS 822,000 tons from 1,882,000 hectares. Common beans are the most wldely grown legumes ln Kenya. They are second to malze ln importance as a food crop (Anon, 1978). The estimated area under beans in Kenya is 763,500 hectares with an estimated production of 161,000 tons. They are grown malnly in the medlum area of Central and Eastern Provinces of Kenya where there is a blmodal ralnfall of 700-900mm per year.