Preliminary Notes on the Use of Elephant Grass as a Fallow Crop in Buganda

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While the use of Elephant grass in the rotation is still in the experimental stage there is no doubt that it is an almost perfect regenerator of the soil. The objections to it are the labour of planting and the labour in clearing. A modification, possible only where cattle are kept, is to cut Elephant grass for fodder and bedding and apply the resultant manure to the land. Whether this would maintain the fertility or not is an open question. Trials are being made on one of the smallholdings at Bukalasa and the first indications are that fertility is not maintained by use of manure alone. If on the other hand fertility can be thus maintained there will be no need for planting Elephant grass as a fallow crop since it would only be necessary to maintain a permanent plot for cutting. There should not be the same difficulty with clearing as with planting as it is an operation which cultivators have been accustomed to for generations.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, III (No 3), p. 186-190