Improved Methods of Weed Control in Robusta Coffee in Uganda.

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Clegg, D.E.H.
Butters, B.
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The principles affecting the adoption of a sequence of operations for a "clean weeding" policy for robusta coffee in Mengo are discussed. Two dry season slashing and two mid-season cultivations followed by a slashing in September and a further cultivation in November are recommended. Slight modifications of the basic scheme allow strip weeding to be practiced when desired. The methods described should be suitable for other areas if allowance is made for local conditions and crop behaviour. Costs of individual hand and tractor operations, referred to units of man-days per acre and tractor-hours per acre, are given. In Mengo the expected yield increase resulting from the adoption of the improved policies in place of one cultivation and four slashings is 3-5 cwt. of clean coffee per acre, of which not more than 1 t cwt. IS equivalent to the additional cost of their implementation. At present-day prices the use of machinery should reduce weeding costs by about one-half and one-third for the "clean weeding" and strip weeding systems respectively.
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, XXIX (No. 1), pp. 67-71