A report to the Kenya Trypanosomiasis Research Institute

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Kenya Trypanosomiasis Research Institute
Industrial attachment is a part of a third year course for students undertaking Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. The attachment course acts as a link between theory work and practical work. The student is able to familiarise with essentials of research in order to develop good research skills and knowledge, which enables one to work independently with confidence. The 3 months attachment orientates the student to a lot of laboratory work in research institution hence helps one build up confidence in handling laboratory equipment and adherence to various experimental protocols. The main aim of the attachment is to provide an opportunity for a student to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired from the learning institution into research work. It also boosts the student's competency in their respective areas of specialization, thereby shortening on the job training required in the future working environment. Consequently, the student gets an opportunity to market his skills and competencies and profession as well as his course and also enables the student to instil the right kind of work attitude, collaborative and interpersonal skills as well as professionalism through interactions with other staff and research scientists. In addition to that the student is able to identify the area and topic of research for an undergraduate project and subsequently develop a proposal. The attachment has enabled me to have hands-onexperiences to various practicals. It has also led me to develop my concept note to a full proposal for my undergraduate research project. Finally, I wish to recommend that the university should try as much to liaise with various research institutions to know the time when research projects are many for this will enable the attachee to have massive activities to engage in and improve scientific research skills.