The Feeding Values of Green Lucerne and Lucerne Hay

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French M. H.
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Seasonal droughts cause the natural grazings to dry off and become of low feeding value so that difficulties are then experienced in maintaining the productivity of high-grade stock (e.g. dairy cows). Progressive farmers attempt to minimize the effects of the dry season by growing green crops under irrigation and Lucerne is usually one of the fodders cultivated. The object of this article is to record the results of an investigation into the feeding values of green lucerne (0) wl:.en grown during the rainy season when growth is vigorous, (b) when grown under irrigation during the height of the dry season when growth is less vigorous, and (c) when the crop is cut just as the plants commence flowering instead of just after flowering has started. In addition, the feeding value of lucerne hay, made from plants grown during the wet season, was also determined because there is ample green food available during the rains and lucerne grown at that time will be of greater value if converted into a reserve fodder for use in the dry season.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 8, p. 241-243