Responses to Fertilisers under Farming Conditions in the Southern Province Of Tanganyika

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Evans, A. C.
Wilson, L. R.
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Responses to fertilisers recorded on experimental farms can only be used as approximations to those likely to be given under the conditions existing on a production farm, where close supervision at planting time cannot be given and planting often has to be done when soil conditions are not at their best. An opportunity was taken in the 1955 season at Nachingwea to measure the responses to fertilisers by four crops, groundnuts, maize, soya and] sorghum, planted on a production farm. The rains began a month late, 12th January, so planting was late. Adequate rain fell during the next 16 weeks so the results recorded can probably be considered as having been obtained in a reasonably good year.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 22 (1), p. 24-26