MOA Central Province Annual Report 1982

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Ministry of Agriculture
The Province did very well in 1982 and there was enough food during the year. The harvest was reasonable for both Industrial and Food crops. The staff of the ministry of Agriculture and Officials of other organizations and' Government departments: co-operated very well in enhancement' of progress in Agricultural Development Programmes throughout the year; and to all of them we are truly grateful. , Special thanks go to the Provincial Administration for the keen interest shown in activities of the farming sector in this Province. I wish to thank the Director of Agriculture and the staff of the ministry Headquarters in Nairobi, the Directors and stuff of our National Research Stations as well as the District Agricultural Officers and their staff for the role they have played towards the Agricultural Development of this region. Finally, I wish to thank my team of both professionals and administrative cadres for the assistance they have rendered in various ways and especially MR. S.W. Munene who helped in putting together the various data~ contained in this report.