Metabolism of Dietary Urea by Bos Indicus (Boran) and Bos Taurus (Hereford) Steers

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It is commonly believed in East Africa that the Bas indicus cattle are able to utilize poor-quality roughages more efficiently than the Bastaurus. French (1940) and Musangi (1967) reported that Bas indicus cattle digested feed nutrients slightly better than Bas taurus cattle.Hungate et ai. (1960) reported that the fermentation rate per unit of solids was higher in theBas indicus species. Suggestions have been made by Phillips et at. (1960) that the rates of passage of digesta between the two species “He different. Elliott and Topps (1963) have reported that African (Mashona) cattle have a lower protein requirement than Bas tauruscattle. This would suggest that the metabolism of dietary nitrogen in the Bas indicus cattle was probably different from that in the Bastaurus. The Bas indicus cattle are exposed to alternate seasons of adequate and inadequate protein-energy intake during the wet and dry seasons, respectively. There are significant changes in protein content of body tissues associated with inadequate protein intake over a long period as reported by Munroand Allison (1964). Addis et ai. (1936) demonstrated that extensive losses of protein from the liver, alimentary canal, kidney and carcass occurred during starvation. Losses of some liver enzymes associated with protein metabolism have been reported by Wainio
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, xxxviiii (No 1), p. 94-102