Proceedings of the Scientific Conference 6th - 8th December, 1995

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
Using community participatory techniques and individual group interviews, it was found that the pastoral community of Samburu District Kenya, were concerned with commonly occurring Overstock diseases. These included contagious caprine pleuropneumonia (CCPP), pasteurellosis in camels and small ~ants, mastitis in goats and sheep, helminthiasis, coccidiosis, diarrhea of unknown etiology, enterotoxaemia, mange, ringworm, streptothricosis. of and ectoparasites. The detection of Rhipicephalus appendiculatw ticks at Baragoi was significant in relation to the epidemiology of East Coast Fever (ECFJ in the district Other ticks identified included R pulchelus, R evertsi, R pravus, Amhlyomnw variegatum, A. gemmll, Hyalomnw 17IIlrginatum rufipes, H. dromedarii, H. truncatum and Boophilus decoloratus. The presence of ECF (Lipis) was con fumed by microscopical examination of lymph node biopsies from cattle and by isolation of the causative agent from R appendiculatw ticks. Pastoralists recognize the symptoms of common diseases but not the cause. They are however, willing to acquire new Knowledge as long as it is in the interest of their livestock. Ultimately they would rather treat their animals themselves than rely on public sector employees. Animal health care addresses the most critical aspect of food security in a pastoral system. For disease control to be successful in these areas, training of elders. Women and other family members who take care of Overstock is necessary and should include the causes of diseases and proper administration of appropriate drugs