Preliminary Trials of Soft Fibre Plants in Kenya

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Nattrass M. S.
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In 1952 a series of observation plots was established for the purpose of making preliminary tests of fibre plants using both indigenous and exotic species and varieties. The plots were situated in all parts of the Colony at altitudes varying from coast level to 8,200 ft. and can be divided into low-, medium- and high-altitude stations. In the first area are included the two coast stations at Matuga and Kibarani, and Kisumu 3,800 ft. on Lake Victoria. The medium-altitude stations are the Scott Laboratories at Nairobi; Embu, Fort Hall, Kisii, Kakamega and Kitale; and the high-altitude stations over 6,500 ft.-Njoro, Eldoret and Molo. Unfortunately, the rainfall for 1952 was patchy over all areas, and on some stations drought greatly hampered growth at a vital stage.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XVIII (No. 4), p. 189-190