The Rate of Growth and the Efficiency Of Food Conversion In Various Breeds Of Poultry

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French M.H
Margaret A.L
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To state that pou:try grow at a certain rate and in doing so consume a given quantity of food is an almost certain means of stimulating argument and controversy. Both rate of growth and the economy of food utilisation vary with the level of feeding and with the s~andards of management and hygiene, even when food mixtures of ideal composition are fed. These variations are even larger when the rations are not properly designed or when diseases interfere with health and appetite. With such a wide range of factors that can influence growth and economy of food utilisation, what is the object of adding further fuel to the arguments? The reason stems from the persistent interest of visitors to the Muguga research station and the desire to indicate what can be achieved under average local conditions. Unquestionably, better conditions of housing cou!d be provided and the chances of better results wou:d thereby be increased. It is equally certain that less careful attention and the use of inferior diets would reduce the efficiency. It is hoped, however, that by the records given more readers will be stimu:ated to improve their husbandry conditions than will be induced to relax in complacency.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXII (2), p. 60-63