Kenya Agricultural Research Institute- Water Hyacinth Control in Lake Victoria Basin Area

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Ministry of Agriculture
This publication records the proceedings of a regional workshop held in Kenya on control of water hyacinth in the Lake Victoria Basin area of East Africa. It was attended by participants from the three riparian East African states of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to agree on the use of biological control method against the the weed in Lake Victoria including the East African in-country waterways and to harmonise this effort amongst these countries. The workshop was organized by KARl's staff of Entomology and Bio-control unit at NARC Muguga, the Fisheries Department and the GTZ with financial support from the latter. Water hyacinth is a serious aquatic weed threatening the ecology of the waterways and economic activities of the riparian communities of East Africa. The deliberations during the workshop confirmed the willingness and interest of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to pursue the bio-control initiative against the weed. It is hoped that once the World Ban kiF AO initiative of the Lake Victoria Environment Management Project takes off, immediate action will be taken in implementing a bio control strategy for this weed on the lake. This effort should go a long way towards reducing the threat by the weed to the environment and restore the regions biodiversity.