Maseno University Faculty Of Business And Economics Industrial Attachment Report.

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Mwangi G.M
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Mwangi G.M
Kenya Agricultural & livestock research Organization is located along Kaptagat in Loresho. I chose the organization because of easy accessibility and although it does not pay the attachment students, I was able to afford transport easily. It was not difficult to get the attachment opportunity application which is sent to the training department, they advised me that they will consult the head of department if there is any position. During my attachment period of three months from April to June 2015, I gained quite a lot of Human Resource experience. In the Registry Department, I learned all about receiving and recording correspondence as well as filling them in the respective employee file. The major idea of registry is to record correspondences and ensure that they are distributed accordingly. The mail officer duty is to receive both external and internal mails for the organization sending mail. The personnel secretariat is an office that deals with advertising vacancies recruitment and selection, during my period for that office; I was shown how to write regret letters and ensuring that they have been posted to the right people. The office is also in charge of writing acceptance letters and mostly the internship letter. The general function of the office is to Recruit, select and employ. In the PCA office, this is where the all the payroll change advice are written. If anyone salaries have to change because of any given reason, the office is in charge of writing the advice for payroll to be effected as per the instructions this form is also placed on the employee personal file for records. Salaries Department, all the payroll advice are effected in the computer, the loans taken by the employees are effected in the system to be deducted from the employee salary and all other changes that the employee wishes to change are finally done in this department. The computer payroll department is in charge of printing payroll and payslips. It is equipped purposely for that work. The department prints the first run and later checks the mistakes before they are finally printed for the salary payment. The pension Department is responsible for paying the final dues for the employees in case of Retirement, death, dismissal and resignation. In KALRO, most employees are approaching the retirement age and hence the office was very busy. The Discipline Department deals with maintain good conduct in the organization. It's responsible for issuing disciplinary issues to the employees according to the organization rules and regulations. Medical records office deals with employee medical records, the sick leave, annual leave, off days taken are all controlled by the department.