A Taxonomic Study of the Species of Antestiopsis (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae) Associated with Coffee Arabica in Africa

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Greathead, D.J.
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Pentatomid bugs of the kind now widely known to farmers as ' Antestia ' have been found on coffee since coffee-growing was begun in East Africa. The taxonomy of these bugs has for long been in confusion owing to the similarity in appearance of forms from coffee-growing areas throughout Africa, a lack of understanding of the status of theRe forms, and the large number of names available. The first attempt to clarify the situation was that of Kirkpatrick (1937). Le Pelley (1959) tried to allocate published records to the correct form and give a name to these in the light of the taxonomic work of Ghesquiere & Carayon (1948), Leston (1952) and Carayon (1954). It was clear that the nomenclature was unsatisfactory, and that the problem could only be resolved by taking into account biological as well as morphological considerations. The present study attempts to do this. In order to be able freely to use the names adopted in the presentation of the supporting material, the taxonomic part of the paper is presented first and is followed by distributional, biological and morphometric data and a discussion.
Journal of Entomology. Series B, Taxonomy pp. 515-554