MOA-NAL Fertilizer Use Recommendation Final Report Volume 27 Kitui District 1987

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Ministry Of Agriculture
The central part of Kitui District consists of an undulating plateau about 1100 m in altitude , surrounded by ridges and hills which rise to 1700 m. There are only two short rainy seasons with a 66% rainfall reliability during the growing periods of 250-390 mm in the first rains, and 280-490 mm in the second rains. These rainy seasons are divided by two distinct arid seasons . The total annual average is between 750 and 1150 mm. Because of the evaporation and the water requirement curves of the leading crops, the rainfall is just enough to allow this area to be classified as AgroEcological Zone 4, i.e. UM 4 = Sunflower-Maize Zone in the Upper Midlands and LM 4 = Marginal Cotton Zone in the Lower Midlands . Due to a localised , unfavourable anomaly of temperatures (see Table 27.1.5) , cotton can only be grown here up to 1080 m, compared to 1250-1500 m further west. On the other hand , Zone UM 4 starts at such a low altitude that pigeon peas can still be grown and are widely planted, indeed more so than sunflowers, so that the name "Maize-Pigeon Pea Zone" would actually be more suitable.