The Decline in the Labeo Victorianus BLGR. (Pisces: Cyprinidae) Fishery of Lake Victoria And An Associated Deterioration in Some Indigenous Fishing Methods In The Nzoia River, Kenya

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Cadwalladr D.A
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Many of the fish of Lake Victoria are anadromous, migrating up affluent rivers during the time of the floods to spawn. Surveys have been made of the fish present in these rivers by Whitehead (l959a), and the state of maturation of the fish in various parts of the rivers has been described by the East African Freshwater Fisheries Research Organization (Annual Report 1954/55). Whitehead (1959a) has described 13 species as anadromous, and a further eight species which are perhaps anadromous. He classified these fish according to the extent of their up-river migrations. In particular, Barbus altianalis radc/iffi Boulenger migrates to the swift and rocky upper reaches of large rivers. Other species, such as Labeo victorian us and Schilbe mystus (Linn.) exhibit migration of medium riverine penetration, passing out into flood water pools to spawn. Alestes jacksoni Blgr. and Clarias mossambicus Peters ascend small rivers in enormous numbers taking advantage of short-lived flood conditions.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXX (3), p. 249-256