Database on Foot and Mouth Disease in Kenya - instructions for data entry and updating Map Info files

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National Veterinary Research Centre
These notes are for guidance purposes and indicate the structure of the database and on updating the Map Info files. A database has been created in MS Access for recording the origin of FMDV isolations made by the Embakasi laboratory. A parallel file in Map Info has been created for displaying the locations of origin, and both databases can be can be used to report outbreak virus types, isolations within certain periods of time, species of origin etc. we would advise continued use of the MS Access database since it is much easier to properly record the location of origin, because: • the FMDV database has drop down menu's for checking district division/location and sub location details • information received on locations is often inadequate for placing origins to sublocation level but if information was improved this is possible, and the database gives such a list of sub locations (but not all of those recently created, since 1989) • by careful data entry and checking of location/division names, origins can often be traced to Division or Location level • by examination of Map Info political division files, origins given as distances from towns can often be traced to Divisions/Locations • it is easier to sort records in Access than in map lnfo • it is easier to print reports in Access than Map Info