Kikuyu Grass An Attempt To Improve A Worn-Out Pasture

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Dougall H. W.
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Study of a degenerate Kikuyu grass pasture on the South Kinangop showed that the soil is ineffectively aerated, acid in reaction and of extremely low plant nutrient status. It carries on its surface a mat of roots and un decomposed plant residues and unproductive vegetation usually of poor grazing value [1]. To bring about improvement, it is considered that the turf horizon must be broken up mechanically by "ripping" or by ploughing it under, and nutrient deficiencies in the newly aerated soil must be corrected by applying appropriate plant foods. This paper reports the results of attempting to bring these methods of improvement into practical use on Mr. J. F. Lipscomb's farm on the South Kinangop-where the original study was made-and on Mr. R. A. Clay's farm at Elburgon
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 19, p. 212-218