Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletins July 1953

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General.I called at the Oficina Central del Cafe where I was shown the different types of coffee grown in Guatemala and given a cup of coffee to try.The coffee was good and pleasant but had not the aroma and acidity to which we are accustomed.The Representante of the Oficina explained to me that as many of the roads were impassable,I would not be able to visit the Experimental Station and a number of the plantations unless I hired an aeroplane.He mentioned, however,that it would be possible by road to visit some "high altitude" plantations at Antigua,and some curing mills near Guatemala City,and this I did.I had the pleasure of seeing over the excellent newly built curing mill of Mr. Franklin, an exporter who buys parchment,coffee from the growers,which he cures and exports,and of visiting "Retana" coffee plantation owned by Don Pedro Cofino." Retana" is an excellently run plantation of about 800 acres,of which about 400 are under coffee.I should say that it is above the average and not representative of coffee in Guatemala generally,and it is on the information obtained there and from Mr.Franklin that the following notes are chiefly based.
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