Evaluation of Good Dairy Farming Practices On Smallholder Farms Marketing Milk In the Formal And Informal Chains

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Peter Wanjala Omondi
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Peter Wanjala Omondi
This study evaluated Good Dairy Farming Practices (GDFP) on smallholder farms marketing milk in the formal and informal chains in Kiambu West district of Kenya between July and August 2009. The objective of the study was to compare and identify gaps that need to be managed to improve quality of milk. A total of 40 farms: twenty farms in the formal and twenty in the informal channel were selected through a stratified random sampling process. A checklist on GDFP parameters was used to guide and record observations on individual farms. The key variables investigated included animal health and the use of medicines; animal welfare; animal feeding and water; milking hygiene; environmental management and record keeping. In addition, Focus Group Discussions with farmers in both chains were done to obtain an insight into problems constraining farmers in adopting GDFP. A case study involving Limuru co operative, limuru milk processor, Kenya Dairy Board, milk traders and consumers was also done to obtain an overall picture of the extent and effect of inadequate GDFP on the milk chain and possible strategies for improvement.