Mechanical Application of Fertilizer to Sisal

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Constantinesco, I
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In areas of declining fertility or unbalanced nutrient status it is well known that the application of fertilizers to field sisal is of vital importance to restore adequate yields and quality of leaf. It is also well known that the application of fertilizers in the first place. Even on new land, in accordance with a soil chemist's recommendations will act as an insurance against declining yields and quality. Unfortunately, rising labour costs are making it increasingly difficult to follow these principles by traditional hand methods. This paper suggests a simple method of applying fertilizers by mechanical means cheaply, quickly and effectively and without the waste often associated with hand methods. Although the development work on this method has been carried out in Tanganyika there seems no reason why it should not be applied on any sisal estate where the plants are grown in single or double rows, with sufficient space between to allow the passage of a tractor.
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, 29 (4), p. 330-332